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Knowledge Management


The site of sites about Knowledge Management
URL: www.kmetasite.org
Language: English

Knowledge Based Development

Ibero-American Community for Knowledge Systems

The Ibero-American Community for Knowledge Systems (CISC) is an autonomous non-profit organization. Is made up of professionals interested in the study, research, application and dissemination of knowledge systems to promote social and economic development based on knowledge of the Latin American countries.
URL: www.iberoamericana.org
Language: Spanish

Knowledge Cities Clearinghouse

A compilation of resources for free consultation in the following categories: Glossary, Knowledge Based Development (KBD), Initiatives, Partnerships, Value Dimensions of KBD, Rankings, Special Editions, bibliographies and reference.
URL: www.knowledgecities.com
Language: English

The World Capital Institute

ThinkTank independent and international, aimed at human understanding of the dynamics of Planet value as natural and artificial system.
URL: www.worldcapitalinstitute.org
Language: English



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