Main Achievements

Knowledge Management

Consultancy and Innovation

  • Completion of over 100 Knowledge Management consultancy projects in Mexico, USA, Spain and Latin America.

  • 17 years of self-sustaining operation as a research/innovation unit.

  • Development of propietary technology: “Knowledge-Based Value Systems”©, “Capital Systems”©, “Consolidated Value Report”© and “Value Practices”©.

  • Integration of a consultancy network throughout The Americas.

  • Model of Knowledge Management Processes© as a regional standard.

  • Identified in early literature (1994) as the first R&D unit specializing in Knowledge Management worldwide.


  • KM Specialization Program (Chief Knowledge Officer - CKO) since 1998, the 1st Graduate Program of its kind registered in the World (10 master courses at Master in Management of Information Technology).

  • KM Concentration Program for bachelor degree, since August 2004.

  • Contribution to the Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI) Institute curriculum, based in our speciality program and our processes structure. Dr. Javier Carrillo, CKS Director, was Vice-President of the KMCI Institute in 2000-2001.

  • Delivery of the Knowledge Management Diploma© and the Knowledge Management Executive Workshop© in different cities as well as In-Company.

  • Participation since January 2003 in design and delivery of 4 courses in the Master in Information Science and Knowledge Management (MIK).

  • Co-design of theTecnológico de Monterrey Human Capital and Knowledge Management Bachelor Program, delivered since 2007.

  • Specialized post-graduate and executive courses on Knowledge Management taught in various cities in Spain, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Research & Development

  • Permanent participation in the International Editorial Committee of the Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Knowledge and Innovation, The Learning Organization, Intellectual Capital, Cognomia and KMCI Press (Butterworth-Heinemann).

  • Establishment of the Knowledge Management Academic Cloister, since 1999.

  • Tutorship of about 50 master theses and doctoral dissertations on Knowledge Management issues completed.

  • Publication of over 100 printed works as journals, articles, books, reports and other.

Social contribution

  • Foundation of the Iberoamerican Community for Knowledge Systems, the most important KM/KBD network in the latin world. CKS is permanent Headquarters of the Technical Secretariat.

  • Development and maintenance of the KMetaSite: “site of sites on Knowledge Management”.

  • Free delivery of over 100 keynote addresses in conferences accross the World.

  • Active participation in international councils and networks of non-profit organizations related with Knowledge Management.

  • Study on Knowledge Management in Mexico (2001).

  • Technical coordination of “Value Practices of Technological Innovation” National Project, sponsored by ADIAT and CONACYT, and also the “Innovation Value Practices for SMEs” National Project sponsored by ADIAT and Ministry of Economy.

 Knowledge Based Development

Consultancy and Innovation

  • Strategic alliance with World Capital Institute (WCI), KBD leader organism in the World.

  • Propietary models and methods for valuation of community “Capital Systems”© (cities, regions and countries), as well as “Capital Cities”©: their application to strategic development of Knowledge Cities-Regions.

  • Application cases of Capital Systems in cities and regions of Mexico, USA, Spain and Latin America; as well as European Comunity Programs.

  • Permanent Technical Headquarters of Annual MAKCi© Most Admired Knowledge Cities World Awards, created and conducted by the WCI in conjunction with Teleos, the British consultancy firm.

  • Headquarters of the International Board for the biannual Knowledge Cities Summit (Monterrey 2007; Shezhen/Hong Kong 2009).

  • Integration of a consultancy network on Knowledge Based Development throughout The Americas.


  • Redesign and delivery of the Electronic Goverment Diploma throught the Tecnológico de Monterrey Virtual University, based in the Knowledge Cities Model.

  • Delivery of Knowledge Based Development courses in several cities of Spain, Brasil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.

  • Tutorship of Master and Doctoral Theses on Knowledge Based Development.

  • Exchange of faculty, researchers and practitioners with other Knowledge Based Development organizations in the World.

Research & Development

  • Edition of the Journal of Knowledge Management Annual Special Issue on Knowledge Based Development, since 2002. In 2004 this Special Issue won the Emerald first place to “Best Special Issue in Specialized Periodicals Magazines” over more than 100 international journals.

  • Publication of the Annual Report on Monterrey Capital Systems (since 2005).

  • Publication of the first book worldwide on Knowledge Cities with Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann Editorial (Knowledge Cities, 2006).
  • Publication of about 50 related works including journals articles, books, reports, etc.
  • Creation of the Knowledge Management and Knowledge Based Development Chair, the only one in Tecnológico de Monterrey with no subsidy.

Social contribution

  • Developmet and maintenance of the Knowledge Cities Clearinghouse, the main global electronic repository on Knowledge Cities and Knowledge Based Development.

  • Founding Member and Ambassador to the American Continent of The New Club of Paris.

  • Publication of the Monthly ADIAT page in the Science and Technology Suplement of La Jornada national newspaper, since 2007.

  • Board Member of several editorial organisms and international events specialized in Knowledge Based Development.

  • Organization of the Global Knowledge Based Development Week, the first global convention of organizatons related with Knowledge Based Development, in the context of the Universal Forum of Cultures and Knowledge Monterrey 2007, October 15-21, 2007.
  • Joint organization of the ICKMIC 2009 in Ghaziabad, India, February 26-27, 2009.










































































































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