Knowledge Management (KM) Processes Structure

1. Strategic alignment and consolidation of Capital Systems
Determination, systematization and operation of the organization's Value Universe and Development of Metacapitals.

1.1 Definition of Referential Systems
1.2 Structuring and Operation of Capital
1.3 Knowledge Managment Strategy and Metacapitals Development

2. Agent Capital Management
Determination and development of value-generated capacities of productive
actors and the whole organization

2.1 Organizational Learning Management
2.2 Development of Value Practices
2.3 Development of Core Competencies

3. Instrumental Capital Management
Determination, implementation, and development of the best adjustments of
instruments that empower productive capacity of the organization´s values

3.1 Selection and Implementation of Methods and Tools for KM Strategy instrumentation
3.2 Selection and Implementation of Technological Platforms for KM
3.3 Development of the Knowledge Base






































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